Crippled Wizard

Oh hi!!!
Apologies for it still being pretty slow round here update wise, hopefully by this time next week I should have my shit together and will get back to regular tattoo updates again. I will mainly just be posting finished tattoos from now on though, as some clients of mine don’t seem to in any rush to finish bigger projects, and because I’m such a bad photographer photo editing takes me for ever, even when this little fella tries to lend me a hand!!!

If you wanna see tattoo progress pics find me on instagram.

Here is a something to keep you going till next week. I finally finished this last week.

Also, I have done a painting that I am pretty happy with (very rare for me!). I’m thinking of making a few prints of it as a few friends have asked if i would. If you would like one send me an email ( just so i have a rough idea for numbers, I don’t think they will be expensive at all.

I saw Cough a week or so back, they were amazing!


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