Never Say Die

Ok, so I’ve left this site neglected for faaaaaar too long, and I’ve decided its about time to resurrect it! Starting off with a few artwork bits and pieces at first and hopefully I can start trawling through the back log of tattoo photos and start updating that next week. Soooooo…..

A reaper ghost type thing

devil eye

this was a wedding anniversary present for my wife, I was going for the whole till death do us part vibe. Trying to be romantic and ended up being creepy ha ha!

a rose

Bottle shop paper doodle

script practice

an unused cafe logo.

I’ve updated the artwork section now too.

Also, its been around two years or more now since I’ve made or played any music and I’m starting to miss it a bit. So if anyone in the Bondi or Eastern Suburbs area is looking to start a band or just jam (nothing too crazy serious!) hit me up > I’m mainly into stoner and doom stuff, but am open to giving anything ago as long as its pretty rocking or interesting. Oh yeah, and I play guitar by the way (and occasionally dodgy vocals, ha ha).

I don’t give a fuck what Ozzy says, Never Say Die has some awesome songs on it!!!!!


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