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Little Tokyo – Bondi Junction

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I work at a Private Studio in Bondi Junction called Little Tokyo, check it out –
All appointments must be made directly through me, either in person or via email –

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I recently updated the tattoo galleries, so if you don’t have Facebook or instagram, you can finally see what I’ve been up to in the past year! Here are few highlights!



I’ll be tattooing at the Sydney Tattoo Expo (7th, 8th & 9th March), come say hello! 




I’m from Hell, Open a Windle

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2012 by lonsdaletattoo

Ok here is a full update of finished tattoos from the last 5 months or so. Well the ones I could get half decent photos of that is.

Finished Mikes Owl on his stomach, I also did is chest piece a year and a half ago, maybe longer?

Also did plenty of other owls!!!

Also did plenty of dot work/line work/mandala kind of stuff, which I always love doing, more please!!!!

tonnes of other cool black and grey work

Got a good healed pic of Santa Muerte I did a while back

Also finished and got a (mostly) healed pic (although a very bad one!) of this chest piece I started over 2 years ago

speaking of bad photos, here is a Rachel from Blade runner tattoo I did adapted from Paul X Johnson artwork I did

Did a couple of pet portraits

and a few of other cool animal tattoos

and here are a few other bits and pieces that I loved doing!

I also have plenty of new artwork I need to put up here, which hopefully I will be selling some prints off in the new year. Plus I’m hoping to spruce up this site a little soon.


The world is full of snakes

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I managed to go through some photos this week for and update, so here are just a handful of tattoos that I enjoyed doing from 4-5 months back.

I got to do a couple of really cool panthers!

plus plenty of swallows

cool sailor jerry swallow and roses

a straight up swallow on the wrist

swallow and anchor

plus this ship with some little swallows

Did a couple of heart lockets

I still had plenty of variety to keep me busy

a pretty successful rose cover up

a cool scorpion walk in

this friendly looking king owl

a sad dagger girl

Also did some mexican/day of the dead stuff

Day of the dead kitty!

santa muerte

an evil sugar skull

Really had fun doing this piece, was a bit different, its shaded entirely with dots and lines. I always enjoy doing this kind of stuff.

I saw High On Fire last month, unbelievably good!

Left it twitching by the road

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Sooo, a long over due tattoo update! Here are a handful of tattoos that I did or finished between January and March. Starting with the Owl chest piece above!

and another one

this cool zombie ghoul type thing

a couple of Mandalas

This cool dead girl, really hope I get healed photos of this at some point!

couple of mellow wolves

this 3/4 sleeve

this cool Dario Argento Inferno poster

a few other random fun bits and pieces

And snagged a few healed shots of older piece too!

So stoked to be able to see Earth in september.

Never Say Die

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Ok, so I’ve left this site neglected for faaaaaar too long, and I’ve decided its about time to resurrect it! Starting off with a few artwork bits and pieces at first and hopefully I can start trawling through the back log of tattoo photos and start updating that next week. Soooooo…..

A reaper ghost type thing

devil eye

this was a wedding anniversary present for my wife, I was going for the whole till death do us part vibe. Trying to be romantic and ended up being creepy ha ha!

a rose

Bottle shop paper doodle

script practice

an unused cafe logo.

I’ve updated the artwork section now too.

Also, its been around two years or more now since I’ve made or played any music and I’m starting to miss it a bit. So if anyone in the Bondi or Eastern Suburbs area is looking to start a band or just jam (nothing too crazy serious!) hit me up > I’m mainly into stoner and doom stuff, but am open to giving anything ago as long as its pretty rocking or interesting. Oh yeah, and I play guitar by the way (and occasionally dodgy vocals, ha ha).

I don’t give a fuck what Ozzy says, Never Say Die has some awesome songs on it!!!!!

Dark Time

Posted in Uncategorized on December 15, 2011 by lonsdaletattoo

Hello. This is what I have been up to of late.

a little painting, inspired by Graveyard.

a few cool girl pieces

Got healed pics of Hugo’s belly.

also healed pics of this heart eye thingy…

..and hammer and nail hands

heres a skull I finished a little while back, need to get better pics of the full piece

Ned Kelly skull

and this friendly looking wolf

an older painting that I don’t hate as much any more